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Major Update For CustomFreebies &      LightningFreebies Networks

As of April 1, 2014 CustomFreebies and LightningFreebies will be doing something new that we hope will benefit our users. As traders we know that everyone has a referral to go on hold, then what’s worse is if there is no way for the referral that you sent to be taken off of hold so CustomFreebies and LightningFreebies is going to do something to help the traders out and put more money in your pockets.

When a referral signs up we try to get the hold off as soon as possible, but there is times when a hold cannot be removed from the account so what we are going to do is in a situation such as this we are going to wait for 90 days from the completion date of the referral whose hold can’t be removed and then on the 91st day if the user sends in a support ticket with that referrals email address we are going to pay the user for that referral if there has been no offer revokes on the account. It’s simple to get paid just send in that support ticket with their email address so that we can find their account and check it out on the 91st day.

The payout for the referrals that are on hold will be at site value with no cashout bonus added to the payment, the cashout for the referral on hold will also not count toward any other promotions that are taking place for CustomFreebies and LightningFreebies but we feel that this is a fair way of treating our users to thank them for using our networks. We hope that you enjoy the new perks of CustomFreebies and LightningFreebies and if this works we will be adding more perks for our users.

This is the home site for The CustomFreebies Network. CustomFreebies also has a sister network LightningFreebies. We are continually striving on both of our networks for the best excellence in Customer Service and Customer Care, and to bring you some of the best offer credit weights available in the industry. We believe in not having to wait to have your support tickets answered so we answer them as fast as possible with as little wait on your part as possible. We know that you need the answers to your questions in a timely manner and we do answer them as soon after they come in as possible. We also know that you need to have approvals for your orders done in a fast and timely fashion and we get those approvals out to you as soon after you send your order in as we possibly can. You should never have to wait over 6 hours for a support ticket to be answered or an order that you send in for approval. We try to have both taken care of within the hour of you sending them in but sometimes we are out with errands or sleeping and that is why we have the 6 hour clause for the support tickets and orders that are submitted.

On this home site, you will be able to find the latest on the CustomFreebies Network, along with contact information, promotions, just about anything you need to know about this network. You will also find excellent information on how to complete offers, browser set-up, and other information that will allow you to green easily on our network sites.

Each of our networks has it’s own home page and will be kept current so that you will be able to find the information that you need to find for the network that you are looking for. Promotions for our networks can be found under “Network Promotions”, for that network on the home page for that network so if you are looking for our latest promotions, you will find them there, you can also find our promotions in our subforum on your favorite forum. You will find that CustomFreebies and LightningFreebies will be sharing in the same promotions for each network and will share in any Referral Race Promotion, monthly payout promotion, or any promotion that we are running.

There will be times when promotions will not be listed here on our home site, such as forum specific promotions such as proof post promotions. Please take a look on your favorite forum at our sub-forums, so that you can stay informed on the latest promotions available to you!

What We Are

CustomFreebies is known as a “IFW” (Incentive Freebie Websites). We provide Free Gifts, Free Prizes, Free Merchandise, and Free Cash (through PayPal Gifts) to people who refer others to our networks to try trial offers and direct purchase offers. These offers are provided to us by advertisers who wish to market their products and services to the public. Through this relationship, we are able to provide your referrals with some of the hottest new product and service trials available anywhere!

What We Are NOT

We are NOT direct cash or “GPT” (Get Paid To) networks. We are strictly referral based, which means that you must be referred to the sites, and compensated through the person who referred you. There are a great number of ways to get referred to our sites, but the most common is through a trading forum. For more information on trading forums, please send us in a support ticket and we will answer your questions the best we can on the Trading Forums for you.

If you are already trading freebie sites, we occasionally have available “Free Greens” on our networks (by promotion only), so that you can immediately add us to your trade threads and start sending referrals of your own to the sites. So you completely understand… If you sign up on our network sites un-referred and complete offers, we will not pay you, but you will reach your offer requirements and be able to send referrals afterward. You must be a referral of another person, and that person is responsible for paying you as their referral.

Offer Requirements

All of our sites have “Offer Requirements”. This is the amount of offer credit that is required for you to reach the minimum offers needed to complete the site, and be able to start sending referrals to them yourself. All of our networks provide a wide variety of sites with different offer requirements. They range from only one offer to complete the site, two offer sites, One-Credit sites, and Two-Credit sites. On the “Credit” sites, each offer has a “credit value” which is just a decimal number. The goal on a “One-Credit” site is to add up the offer credit values to equal one. The credit values range through the whole spectrum of decimal values, for example: .05, .25, .50, etc… So on a “One-Credit” site, you would have to complete two “.50″ offers to reach the offer requirements on that site. This is the same with the “Two-Credit” sites.

Major Announcement for MCR’s and the Use of Pre-Paid Cards

If you do not get credit for an offer you completed that requires that an item be shipped, you are now REQUIRED to file an MCR with the email that shows the item you ordered HAS BEEN SHIPPED with tracking number, as WELL as a scan or picture of the credit card (with expiration date, and all but the last 4 digits of the card covered) you used to place the order. If it is found that you have used a pre-paid card to complete the order, the MCR will be denied summarily. This is NOT our decision, but that of the affiliates that handle the advertisers, so no discussion over this will be entertained.

Also, we are going to still offer Guaranteed MCR’s but there will be a difference in the way that they are handled.   Please understand that this can take up to  3 days from the time you have sent in the MCR and additional information that is needed for us to be able to credit this MCR to you. This has all come about because of the number of fraudulent orders from pre-paid cards. We have been granting credit requests “up-front” and out of our pocket. There is no longer an option and before we grant any MCR credits we will have to have this information since it has become a source of abuse.

What to do if you don’t get credit:

If you do not get credit for an offer that has an item that must be shipped, wait until you get the “Item shipped” email from that advertiser. You must then file the Missing Credit Request as usual on the SUPPORT page on the site you completed the offer on, using the Missing Credit Request Form link. This must include the FULL email headers and the entire body of the email showing your order number and tracking number.

You must then scan or take a picture of the credit card that you used to place that order with, covering up the expiration date and all but the last 4 digits of the card number. The rest of the card must be CLEARLY VISIBLE, including your name, and the name of the banking institution the card was received from. You will then send this to support@customfreebies.com as an attachment to an email. The email must be sent from the email address you use to log on to our sites, and the text of the email must include the name of the site that you completed the offer on, as well as the name of the offer that you filed the MCR for. We will NOT accept faxes for these, and the images must be in FULL COLOR. Not black and white.

We are sorry that it has come to this, but regardless of how many times and how many places we have stated “No Pre-Paid Cards”, there are those that insist on making it harder for the rest and continue to try and “get over” on the system. If an offer you completed did not credit, be prepared to do this. There is no other way to get your missing credits. Are there any other alternatives to this? Complete a different offer.

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  1. Meziane says:

    It would be great to have a partial Cash out available for all those referrals that never finished the site :)

    Also it would be nice to have some kind of game. With every cash out the user receives a random letter and if he or she can get a certain word (which you have to choose) then they win a prize :)

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